What can Fitness Professionals Learn from Delivering a 5 Minute Session?

This was a challenge I was given recently, and my first reaction was, how am I going to teach anything in 5 minutes?

But, of course, that was kinda the point.

I duly planned my session, rehearsed, and thought I had it sussed.

Then came the hard part, delivery.

And, I didn’t deliver the session to the group I thought it would be, and I didn’t know numbers.

This meant potentially adapting the exercises to suit the group, plus they may require more coaching and explanation.

Also, what time impact would this have with regards to the group actually performing the exercise(s), rather than hear me talking?

I duly managed to deliver an abridged warm-up and three varied exercises (using kettlebells and Powerbands).

Although the 5 minutes went in a blur, and I was almost sweating as much the group(!), on reflection, I did gain some learning points:

  1. Don’t assume that because you understood what you said, that the person/group your talking to has.
  2. Sometimes a silent demonstration is better than words.
  3. Why use 10 words when one will do.
  4. Assume at least one person won’t understand what the exercise is, and react accordingly.
  5. If someone gets it wrong, politely correct their form/technique, and then praise them.
  6. Focus on all members in the group, not just those who get it right or wrong.
  7. Even if inside you are feeling rushed/flustered, keep a positive demeanour on the outside.
  8. Despite the time constraint, be patient with the group and take the time to coach them.

Key points regarding time-restricted activities is that you have to be precise, succinct and coherent.


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