Exercise: Inspiration & Experience…

“Ultimately, people don’t need a place to exercise; if that’s what they want, they’ve got their front room. What people really need from us is the inspiration and motivation to exercise – and that’s the DNA of Third Space.” (HCM, 2018, p.31).

Colin Waggett, CEO of Third Space, speaking about the launch of two new clubs, a new Little Space brand for kids, and the opportunities for evolution in the premium market.

Waggett also states:

“Our brand is the experience we deliver, so that’s what we focus on every day: delivering a fantastic experience that engages members at an emotional level.”

It is hard to disagree with either of these statements, therefore, providers need to provide an incentive(s) that attracts customers to their offering – inspiration and experience are the building blocks.


HCM (Health Club Management). (2018) Interview: Colin Waggett. Health Club Management. August 2018.


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