What is StretchLab?

StretchLab is one operator that looks set to bring stretching into the mainstream.

Founded in California in 2015, by Saul Janson and Tim Trost, it was acquired by Xponential Fitness last year, to create a franchise business.

2018 will see the launch of 30 to 40 sites in the US, with 150 more in 2019, as well as overseas expansion (PR News Wire. 2018).

It is a simple business model and straightforward fit-out, with
open plan studios and 10 stretch benches.

As a result, it has the lowest cost of entry in Xponential’s portfolio, costing $150,000 to $225,000.

Two treatments are offered, both of which have been developed in-house by director of education and stretching expert, Brad Walker.

  1. The 25 minute stretch works the major muscle groups; and
  2. 50 minutes treats the whole body.

Price points vary per location, but the average is US$65 for 50 minutes.

Three main target groups have been identified:

  1. Warrior Wayne and Wendy, who are in to MMA
    and Crossfit, know the benefits of stretching and are
    interested in active recovery and performance.
  2. Then there is Nimble Nancy and Nathan, who are active, empty nesters who use stretching as part of their fitness and wellness puzzle.
  3. Finally, Holistic Heather and Husband are yoga and pilates fanatics, who want to stretch to improve their performance in the poses.

You can find further information here.


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