Want to ‘have a go’ at the S.F. Experience?

The Special Forces Experience (S.F. Experience) can be described as one of the toughest, military-inspired, civilian courses in the world.

In 2013 a small cadre of ex-SF soldiers organised a physical endurance event in the Brecon Beacons in remembrance of three soldiers who had recently died while taking part in an UK Special Forces Selection course.

The event proved hugely popular amongst civilians, ex-military and serving military personnel, raising a significant amount of money for charity and bringing together a large number of like-minded outdoor-orientated folk to challenge themselves by completing the infamous SF Selection route known as ‘The Fan Dance’. Thus, the S.F. Experience was born.

Events organised by the S.F. Experience include:

  • The Fan Dance Series.
  • SF Boot Camp: Lots of PT sessions culminating in the SF10 Race.
  • SF10 Race: re-recreates the combat fitness test undertake by candidates.
  • Point to Point: Tests endurance and navigational prowess over a 28km route.
  • Loadstone (Aptitude): With three events, it is a snapshot of the SF aptitude.
  • Loadstone (Continuation): A 4-day event which emulates the continuation phase of the SF Selection course.

Find out more about the S.F. Experience here.


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