British Army Mortars Course

After completing their combined Phase 1 (basic) training and Phase (employment) training, known as the Combat Infantryman Course (CIC), newly qualified soldiers may attend the 4-week Mortars Course.

The course has a number of challenging objectives that cover all aspects of mortaring, including:

  • Exercises operating in offensive and defensive environments; and
  • Exercises operating in rural and urban environments.

Students will learn about the tactical and conceptual elements of a Mortar Platoon, as well as developing teamwork and leadership skills.

Students will also be tested mentally and physically through a variety of physical training activities, for example, Exercise Heavy Carry. The students are required to carry equipment weighing 55 kg over five miles before bringing the mortars they were carrying into action with a fire mission.

Another training activity involves firing high explosive bombs at a range of two kilometres on a target which is being assaulted by an Infantry company, with the closest bombs landing 500 metres from the assaulting troops.

The course culminates with a weeks live firing providing fire support for a company Infantry attack.


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