Slovenian Armed Forces & Officer Career Development: Time for a Change?

Research Paper Title

Future of Officer Career Development System in the Slovenian Armed Forces.


The thesis describes the Officer Career Development (OCD) system in the SAF for the first ten years of the officer’s career.

The main purpose of the paper is to develop a proposed OCD system for the SAF, which will provide a certain level of predictability in an officer’s career path that includes identifiable competencies, as well as developing a competitive environment for officer promotion. The thesis also focuses on determining the appropriate tools for a retention policy, which are feasible and acceptable under the constraints provided by civilian labour law.

The primary research question is “What changes in the OCD system, for the first ten years of an officer’s career, should SAF adopt to meet its future challenges?”

The paper defines OCD system through four personnel functions defined as:

  1. Accession;
  2. Development;
  3. Promotion; and
  4. Transition.

The paper describes the current OCD system with an in-depth legislation analysis of constraints in the current military personnel management in the SAF.

The SAF is in transformation and reorganising its units into regimental system with company commanders being in the rank of major. This is one of the reasons the thesis looks at the British Army OCD system, which could be in certain areas applicable to the new structure of the SAF.

The paper discusses the proposed OCD system and introduces few new concepts in the personnel management, such as: accession program, the year group, new evaluation system. All of those new concepts allow the proposed OCD system to introduce centralised execution of personnel management, provide transparent and predictable career path, based on competencies of the individual.


Future of Officer Career Development System in the Slovenian Armed Forces, The (Rijavec, 2013)


Rijavec, M. (2013) Future of Officer Career Development System in the Slovenian Armed Forces. Thesis. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 27 May, 2015].


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