Olympic Legacy: Sporting Activity has fallen by 400,000 since 2011

Some Motivation RequiredThe proportion of people in England aged 16 or above taking part in sport at least once a week fell from 36.2% (15,890,400) during the Olympic Games in 2011-12 to 35.5% (15,491,200) in 2014-15.

The Local Government Association called for the government and Sport England to redirect some of the £500 million for sport between 2013 and 2017 away from national bodies and towards grassroots programmes to boost active lifestyles.

Of the 46 national sport plans set up since 2013 with the aim of increasing participation, only six (athletics, cycling, netball, table tennis, archery and fencing) have so far shown a significant increase in participation rates.


British Medical Journal. (2015) Seven Days in Medicine: Saturday 17th, Sporting Activity Falls by 400 000 Since Olympics. British Medical Journal. 24 October 2015, pp.2.


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