A Research Programme to Develop Critical Thinking in US Army Officers

Research Paper Title

Critical Thinking Training for Army Officers Volume One: Overview of Research Programme.


This report is the first of three volumes describing a multi-year research programme to develop and validate web based training in critical thinking for Army officers.

This first volume presents an overview of the research efforts that developed and validated a theoretical model for the training, selected and validated eight high impact critical thinking skills for Army officers, and developed and evaluated the training course. The report documents the systematic approach that was used to develop a computer based, on-line, training program designed to promote CT in Army officers.

  • Volume two of this series presents, in more detail, the model and theoretical basis for the training and the experiments that were conducted to validate the model.
  • Volume three describes a prototype training system for two critical thinking skills, including the functional requirements, pedagogical principles, course content, and evaluation of the training.
  • A fourth report describes an expanded version of the system that was developed to train eight critical thinking skills.


Critical Thinking Training for Army Officers Volume 1, Overview of Research Programme (Fischer et al., 2008)


Fischer, S.C., Spiker, V.A. & Riedel, S.L. (2008) Critical Thinking Training for Army Officers Volume One: Overview of Research Program. Research Report 1881. Fort Leavenworth, VA: US Army Research Institute for the Behavioural and Social Sciences.


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