Societal Change & the British Armed Forces

Training, Shelter LessonThe (then) Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI, 2005) argued that there were many studies demonstrating that tensions had arisen from the widening difference between increasingly peaceful civilian life and service in a war zone.

The ALI stated that recruits’ expectations of their treatment followed the same trajectory:

  • They were ill prepared for what they see as verbal or physical abuse; and
  • Poor living conditions or harsh treatment which appears in any way gratuitous.

The ALI further argued that tracking societal change would become more and more necessary, if training was to be efficient and appropriate.

The ALI (2005) also suggested that an urgency to prepare recruits properly for frontline service could easily be misinterpreted as brutality. Dealing with the necessary transition in the modern world would require changing the desired end-product, or the speed with which this product was shaped.


Adult Learning Inspectorate (2005) Safer Training: Managing Risks to the Welfare of Recruits in the British Armed Services. Available from World Wide Web: <; [Accessed: 13 November, 2012].


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