“You Just Don’t See That Many Fat Old People.”

Surrey drinking patterns have led me to ask: ‘how often do you drink? Every day/every week/every month?’ to avoid the well-rehearsed ’10 to 15 units doctor’ response.

My patient admitted to a typical intake of spirits which clearly exceeded 50-plus units a week.

‘So what about alcohol-free days?’ I asked.

‘On my alcohol-free days I just have a couple of glasses of wine,’ he replied.

Seeing my surprise he helpfully added: ‘Well you see wine is just like water to me doctor.’

This was the same patient who advised me that he wasn’t concerned about his BMI of 38 as from what he had observed the weight falls off naturally as you get older.

When I queried this he said: ‘You just don’t see that many fat old people.’


Lee, N. (2015) Join the Conversation: Turning Wine into Water. BMA News. 31 January, 2015, pp.6.


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