Is Your Commute Making You Ill?

It may come as no surprise to some, but a study sponsored by BUPA suggests that 19% of UK employees say their daily commute causes them problems.

  • One in five (19%*) commuters say their journey to work is responsible for their back, muscle or joint pain;
  • Those travelling by car find it most uncomfortable with two thirds (64%) believing it’s causing their pain;
  • Three quarters (73%) of Londoners claim their commute contributes to aches and pains, blaming a lack of space; and
  • One fifth (19%) of the UK’s workforce say their journey to and from work is leaving them with neck, back and muscle pain.

The study also found that:

  • Those who travel by car are most likely to be affected, with two thirds (64%) of drivers claiming their commute leaves them feeling uncomfortable – compared to 11% on the bus and 5% on the train; and
  • Cyclists and runners are among those least likely to feel any back or joint pain, with only 6% and 5% respectively saying they do.

This clearly demonstrates that incorporating some physical exercise into your day can support good bone, joint and muscle health.


BUPA (2014) Brits say commuting is a pain in the neck…back, hip and knees. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 10 January, 2015].


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