What was the Ukrainian Death Triangle (1919)?

Introduction The Ukrainian Death Triangle (Ukrainian: Трикутник смерті, romanised: Trykutnyk smerti) refers to a historical situation of Ukrainian national forces in 1919, when the Ukrainian People’s Army, or UPA, found itself in the general area south of Kyiv surrounded by Bolshevik, White Guard and Polish troops. In Ukrainian, this is also sometimes referred to as… Read More


What was the Soviet-Ukrainian War (1917-1921)?

Introduction The Soviet-Ukrainian War (Ukrainian: радянсько-українська війна, romanised: radiansko-ukrainska viina, or більшовицько-українська війна, bilshovytsko-ukrainska viina) is the term commonly used in post-Soviet Ukraine for the events taking place between 1917-1921, nowadays regarded essentially as a war between the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Bolsheviks (Ukrainian Soviet Republic and RSFSR). The war ensued soon after the… Read More