Is Tourniquet Use Associated with Limb Loss following Military Lower Extremity Arterial Trauma?

Research Paper Title Tourniquet use is not associated with limb loss following military lower extremity arterial trauma. Background The effect of battlefield extremity tourniquet (TK) use on limb salvage and long-term complications following vascular repair is unknown. This study explores the influence of TK use on limb outcomes in military lower extremity arterial injury. Methods… Read More


Re-evaluating Field Tourniquets for the Canadian Forces.

Research Paper Title Re-evaluating the Field Tourniquet for the Canadian Forces. Objective To determine the best field tourniquet for Medical Technician (Med Tech) use in the Canadian Forces (CF). Methods The researchers conducted a prospective controlled trial, comparing the efficacy and ease of applicability of 3 types of commercially available windlass tourniquets in 4 tactical… Read More

Analysis of Recovered Tourniquets from Casualties

Research Paper Title Analysis of Recovered Tourniquets from Casualties of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn. Background Tourniquet use recently became common in war, but knowledge gaps remain regarding analysis of recovered devices. The purpose of this study was to analyse tourniquets to identify opportunities for improved training. Methods The researchers analysed tourniquets recovered… Read More