What was the Siege of Martyropolis (531)?

Introduction A siege of Martyropolis occurred in Autumn of 531 during the Iberian War (526-532) between the Sasanian Empire under Kavadh I and Byzantine Empire under Justinian I. A Roman raid from Martyropolis triggered the Sasanians to launch a siege on the newly fortified frontier city. Initially, the Sasanians had the upper hand, but a… Read More


What was the Iberian War (526-532)?

Introduction The Iberian War was fought from 526 to 532 between the Byzantine Empire and the Sasanian Empire over the eastern Georgian kingdom of Iberia – a Sasanian client state that defected to the Byzantines. Conflict erupted among tensions over tribute and the spice trade. The Sasanians maintained the upper hand until 530 but the… Read More