What was the Battle of Mindouos (528)?

Introduction The battle of Mindouos was a battle fought between the Persians and Byzantines just after the battle of Thannuris (528). Part of the Iberian War (526-532). Background Procopius wrongly claimed that the two battles were one. The Byzantine commander Belisarius was ordered to build a fortress at the location. When Persian forces arrived in… Read More


What was the Battle of Thannuris (528)?

Introduction The Battle of Thannuris (Tannuris) (or Battle of Mindouos) was fought between the forces of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire under Belisarius and Coutzes and the Persian Sasanian Empire under Xerxes in summer 528, near Dara in northern Mesopotamia. As they were trying to build a fortress in Mindouos, the Byzantines were defeated by… Read More

What was the Iberian War (526-532)?

Introduction The Iberian War was fought from 526 to 532 between the Byzantine Empire and the Sasanian Empire over the eastern Georgian kingdom of Iberia – a Sasanian client state that defected to the Byzantines. Conflict erupted among tensions over tribute and the spice trade. The Sasanians maintained the upper hand until 530 but the… Read More