What was the Siege of Pensacola (1707)?

Introduction The Siege of Pensacola was two separate attempts in 1707 by English-supported Creek Indians to capture the town and fortress of Pensacola, one of two major settlements (the other was St. Augustine) in Spanish Florida. The attacks, part of Queen Anne’s War (the North American theatre of the War of the Spanish Succession), resulted… Read More


What was Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713)?

Introduction Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713) was the second in a series of French and Indian Wars fought in England’s Thirteen American Colonies during the reign of Anne, Queen of Great Britain. In Europe, it is generally viewed as the American theatre of the War of the Spanish Succession; in the Americas, it is more commonly… Read More

What was the Siege of Port Royal (1710)?

Introduction The Siege of Port Royal (05 to 13 October 1710), also known as the Conquest of Acadia, was a military siege conducted by British regular and provincial forces under the command of Francis Nicholson against a French Acadian garrison and the Wabanaki Confederacy under the command of Daniel d’Auger de Subercase, at the Acadian… Read More