What was Operation Seisme Haiti 2010?

Introduction Opération Séisme Haiti 2010 (Operation Haiti Earthquake 2010) is France’s military relief operation for the 12 January 2010 earthquake. The priorities for the mission are rescue efforts, search for the missing, medical aid, security, retrieving French citizens, organising humanitarian aid, and delivery. The operation started on Wednesday 13 January 2010. Refer to Operation Unified… Read More


What was Operation Hestia (2010)?

Introduction Operation Hestia is the name of the Canadian Forces humanitarian response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake which struck Haiti on 12 January 2010. Operation Hestia is the military component of an interagency response that also involves Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The headquarters for Operation… Read More

What was Operation Unified Response (2010)?

Introduction Operation Unified Response was the United States military’s response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake. It was conducted by Joint Task Force Haiti and commanded by United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) Military Deputy Commander Lieutenant General Ken Keen, although the overall US government response was headed by Rajiv Shah, administrator of the United States Agency… Read More

What was Operation Unified Assistance (2004)?

Introduction Operation Unified Assistance was the American military’s humanitarian response to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. On 28 December 2004, elements of the Combined Support Force were deployed to U-Tapao International Airport in Thailand. More than 12,600 Department of Defence (DOD) personnel were involved in the relief effort. Refer to Operation Unified Response… Read More

What was Operation United Assistance (2014)?

Introduction Operation United Assistance was a 2014 United States military mission to help combat the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, including the part of the epidemic occurring in Liberia. The 101st Airborne Division headquarters was responsible for leading the mission. Refer to Operation Unified Assistance (2004) and Operation Unified Response (2010). Brief History The… Read More