What is the Psychophysiological Response to the use of Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Equipment with Military Tasks?

Research Paper Title Psychophysiological response to the use of nuclear, biological and chemical equipment with military tasks. Background The current military training requires the development and optimization of different strategies to improve performance in extreme conditions as well as the possible risk of suffering attacks with chemical and/ or radioactive substances. It turns out mandatory… Read More


Forensic Investigation of Incidents Involving a Chemical Agent

Research Paper Title Forensic investigation of incidents involving chemical threat agent: Presentation of the operating procedure developed in Belgium for a field-exercise. Background The GIFT CBRN project (Generic Integrated Forensic Toolbox for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents), funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission, has been set up to find solutions… Read More

What is the Chemical Biological Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) Team?

The Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Delivery Team, part of the ISTAR Operating Centre, procures, supports and maintains a CBRN Protection capability for the three  Services, as specified by Head of Special Projects and CBRN Capability and in close coordination with Dstl Porton Down. This covers chemical, biological and radiological detection, identification, decontamination and respiratory protection.… Read More

What is the Role of Genetic Background in Susceptibility to Chemical Warfare Nerve Agents across Rodent and Non-human Primate Models?

Research Paper Title The role of genetic background in susceptibility to chemical warfare nerve agents across rodent and non-human primate models. Abstract Genetics likely play a role in various responses to nerve agent exposure, as genetic background plays an important role in behavioral, neurological, and physiological responses to environmental stimuli. Mouse strains or selected lines… Read More