Biomechanics: Linking Load Carriage, Knee Joints & Run-to-Stop Manoeuvres

Research Paper Title Soldier-relevant body borne loads increase knee joint contact force during a run-to-stop manoeuvre. Background The purpose of this study was to understand the effects of load carriage on human performance, specifically during a run-to-stop (RTS) task. Methods Using OpenSim analysis tools, knee joint contact force, grounds reaction force, leg stiffness and lower… Read More


Assessing the Validity of Kinetic-based Algorithms for Detecting Gait Events

Research Paper Title A comparison of kinematic-based gait event detection methods in a self-paced treadmill application. Background Kinematic-based algorithms for detecting gait events are efficient and useful in the absence of (reliable) kinetic data. However, the validity of these kinematic-based algorithms for self-paced treadmill walking is unknown, particularly given the influence of walking speed on… Read More