Why Men Who Know How To Save Lives Are More Attractive?

We see them all the time in movies and TV-shows, heroes always seem to have this kind of appeal, even if they are not necessarily physically attractive, there is still that kind of thing about them, this irresistible appeal that naturally seeps into our brains once we witness them saving an animal or a victimised… Read More


CPR: Do You Use Your Hands or Feet?

Bob Trenkamp, a teacher of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the President of the cardiac arrest and stroke charity Saving Lives, suggests that performing CPR with their hands may be too difficult for some people. He tells us that to compress the adult chest to the 2 inches (5cm) required to keep a heart pumping after… Read More

New Sub-section: First Aid at Work: Guidance for Fitness Professionals

A new sub-section ‘First Aid at Work: Guidance for Fitness Professionals’ is now available under the main page heading of ‘Regulations and Qualifications’. This new sub-section provides an overview of: The 2009 and 2013 legislation changes; Current qualifications and the difference between them; Update and refresher training; Group exercise versus one-to-one personal training; and Assessment needs… Read More