Why Men Who Know How To Save Lives Are More Attractive?

We see them all the time in movies and TV-shows, heroes always seem to have this kind of appeal, even if they are not necessarily physically attractive, there is still that kind of thing about them, this irresistible appeal that naturally seeps into our brains once we witness them saving an animal or a victimised civilian.

There are countless examples of fictional and real men who are irresistible solely for their noble heart, courage, and the selfless act of saving another creature.

Humanity is Hot

There are not many nice people in the world, which makes people hungry for them. This reason alone explains why people gasp and blush whenever they spot a man with enough humanity, nobility, and knowledge to help save another creature’s life. It is also why jobs such as a lifeguards, doctors, firemen, etc. always seem to be hot and appealing for some reason.

However, not every man wants to, necessarily, become a doctor or a lifeguard, so what does this mean? They are not as hot?

Well, they could be. Not every person who knows how to save a life has this kind of serious profession; they just have the adequate knowledge of how to save a human’s life.

Acquiring this kind of knowledge is not difficult, though the subject remains very serious. There are many online courses, articles, and pictures that explain in depth how to save a person’s life. Of course, there are many different situations that require various techniques, but the United Medical Education has made it its goal to spread the knowledge around to ensure that everyone knows how to save a life.

As an individual, you can seek out these kinds of courses from ACLS, PALS, and BLS. They will all provide you with online classes, training, and exams to ensure that you have enough knowledge upon the matter. Be certain that they provide you with enough instructional material just so you are clear on what needs to done in a serious situation where you actually need to save someone’s life. They also provide you immediate rewards, such as your own provider card, as well as a certificate of completion.

Men who know how to save lives are immediately hotter to other people, mostly because these people want to believe that there is someone out there who is capable enough to save them to.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

The media is also most defiantly another factor; we have always admired the hero figure and looked up to it. There are countless of movies, books, songs, tv-shows that have engraved this idea way too deep in our brains. There is a reason why actors who play the role of the hero are always hot, subsequently, it became almost automatic in our brain to link hotness to heroes. It is almost like a reflex or a just another connotation in our brain; we associate the sun with warmth and we associate heroes with hotness. But the thing is anyone can become a hero, if they have the adequate knowledge.


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