Do Functional Movement Screen Items predict Dynamic Balance under Military Torso Load?

Research Paper Title Functional Movement Screen Items Predict Dynamic Balance Under Military Torso Load. Background Musculoskeletal injuries threaten military readiness and impose a significant financial burden. The functional movement screen (FMS), a 7-item, preparticipation screening tool, may aid in identifying compensatory movement patterns that can hinder physical performance and lead to injuries in active-duty military… Read More


Should we consider Monitoring Squat Speed & Depth when Assessing Dynamic Balance during Single-leg Squats?

Research Paper Title Dynamic Postural Control Is Influenced by Single-Leg Squat Speed and Depth Under Single-Task and Dual-Task Paradigms. Background Single-leg squats are a common dynamic balance clinical assessment. However, little is known about the relationship between parameters that influence squat movement and postural control performance. The objective of this study was to determine the… Read More