What was the Battle of Mardia (316 AD)?

Introduction The Battle of Mardia, also known as Battle of Campus Mardiensis or Battle of Campus Ardiensis, was most likely fought at modern Harmanli (Bulgaria) in Thrace, in late 316/early 317 between the forces of Roman Emperors Constantine I and Licinius. Part of the Civil Wars of the Tetrarchy, 306-324 AD. Background Open civil war… Read More


What was the Battle of Cibalae (316 AD)?

Introduction The Battle of Cibalae was fought in 316 between the two Roman emperors Constantine I (r. 306-337) and Licinius (r. 308-324). The site of the battle near the town of Cibalae (now Vinkovci, Croatia) in the Roman province of Pannonia Secunda, was approximately 350 kilometres within the territory of Licinius. Constantine won a resounding… Read More

What were the Civil Wars of the Tetrarchy (306-324 AD)?

Introduction The Civil wars of the Tetrarchy were a series of conflicts between the co-emperors of the Roman Empire, starting in 306 AD with the usurpation of Maxentius and the defeat of Severus and ending with the defeat of Licinius at the hands of Constantine I in 324 AD. Background The Tetrarchy refers to the… Read More