What is the Sons of the American Legion?

Introduction The Sons of the American Legion is a patriotic service organisation formed on 12 to 15 September 1932. The S.A.L. is made up of male descendants of people who served in the United States Armed Forces during times specified by the American Legion. The Sons of the American Legion’s mission to serve veterans, the… Read More


What is a Veterans’ Organisation?

Introduction A veterans’ organisation, also known as an ex-service organisation, is an organisation composed of persons who served in a country’s armed forces, especially those who served in the armed forces during a period of war. Background The organisation’s concerns include benefits for spouses and children, veterans’ claims, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) issues, and other… Read More

A Brief History of the American Legion

Introduction The history of The American Legion, a US war veterans’ organisation headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, began in Paris, France, 15 to 17 March 1919, by a thousand commissioned officers and enlisted men, delegates from all the units of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) to an organisation caucus meeting, which adopted a tentative constitution and… Read More

What was the World War Adjusted Compensation Act (1924)?

Introduction The World War Adjusted Compensation Act, or Bonus Act, was a United States federal law passed on 19 May 1924, that granted a benefit to veterans of American military service in World War I. Provisions The act awarded veterans additional pay in various forms, with only limited payments available in the short term. The… Read More

What is the American Legion?

Introduction The American Legion, commonly known as the Legion, is a non-profit organisation of US war veterans headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Refer to A Brief History of the American Legion. It is made up of state, US territory, and overseas departments, and these are in turn made up of local posts. The organisation was formed… Read More