What is the Concept of a Banishment Room?

Introduction A banishment room (also known as a chasing-out-room and a boredom room) is a modern employee exit management strategy whereby employees are transferred to another department where they are assigned meaningless work until they become disheartened and resign. Outline Since the resignation is voluntary, the employee would not be eligible for certain benefits. The… Read More


No Compensation for Liars!!!!

In the case of Ladrick Lemonious v Church Commissioners, the claimant was accused of sending emails in the names of other employees, two of which suggested colleagues had committed criminal offences. Lemonious denied the allegations. The employer believed Lemonious was lying and dismissed him for gross misconduct. He claimed unfair dismissal. An employment tribunal found… Read More

Employment Contracts: TUPE, Changes & Dismissal

Three consultant child psychiatrists with child care responsibilities have won an unfair dismissal case against the NHS trust that took over their services from a previous provider and tried to make them do out of hours (OOH) on-call work. Victoria Laakkonen, Sarah Taylor and Mary Cole won their case in the Southampton employment tribunal in… Read More

To Be Redundant Or Not To Be Redundant: That Is The Question!

Jobcentre Plus workers had right to redundancy pay, finds tribunal  Two former Jobcentre Plus (JCP) workers who were told to join the dole queue after extensions to their fixed term contracts were not honoured are celebrating a landmark legal victory which could have wider repercussions for hundreds more who were dismissed in similar circumstances. A… Read More

Dismissal: The Law of Unintended Consequences

Will doubling the qualifying period for unfair dismissal bring in further traps for unwary employers? It is nearly a year since the Government increased the qualifying period for bringing an unfair dismissal claim from one to two years. But has the change helped employers, or is there now a greater risk of making mistakes? Established… Read More

Research: Structure, Agency & Job Loss

Research Paper Title The Interplay Between Structure and Agency in Shaping the Mental Health Consequences of Job Loss. Background Job loss is a discrete life event, with multiple adverse consequences for physical and mental health and implications for agency. Our research explores the consequences of job loss for retrenched workers’ mental health by examining the… Read More