Building Physical and Mental Recovery after Your Boot Camp Experience


There are few better experiences than boot camp when it comes to building physical and mental rigour. However, it can be challenging. As notes, even modern-day boot camps, on which training experiences are modelled, have had to tone down some of their activities in order to help manage stress in participants. It is not the case that boot camp is there to set back and overexert people – far from it, in fact, injury prevention and rehabilitation standards are very high. What is true, however, is that certain post-camp activities can help to relieve soreness and ‘bed in’ training for the long term.

Using Massage

A low impact and highly effective way to prevent injury across the body is massage. Multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of targeted massage, whether in simple muscle groups or in a deeper targeted treatment looking to alleviate pain from specific chronic injuries – including spinal problems. Professional massage is the best way to realise these benefits but there’s definitely a role for massage at home, too. Tools such as massage guns and foam rollers are another way to loosen muscles up after a (hard or gentle) workout, and will keep them stretched, pliable, and suitable for repeated strains. It is important to deploy these devices safely, however. Do not overexert the body – if there is pain, stop the action. With devices such as massage rollers, pay careful attention when using them on the abdominals or other areas with relatively thin layers of muscle covering your internals.

Power of Pilates

Beyond massage there is stretching. Whether through simple stretches, yoga, or Pilates, these are an important way to stay flexible and ensure you can deploy strength through your muscles. The wide ranging benefits of Pilates have been clear for a few years now, and, as the Wall Street Journal notes, there has been a big increase in people taking up the practice – and men especially so. That means there’s a lot more groups to join, catering to a wide range of skill levels and starting flexibility. Pilates can be complex and is not as simple as just stretching, but regularly taking up the practice can help to build long-term flexibility and prevent injury.

Pilates Cadillac (1)

Protecting Mental Health

The boot camp experience is rigorous, mentally challenging, and that is part of the enjoyment. It is important, after the fact, to stop and reflect on what you experienced. This can be beneficial to healing in a physical sense, too, and enjoying a good recovery from the workout. Mental health is strongly linked to sleep; and sleep is linked to muscle recovery and growth. Bringing those strands together can lend itself to a strong and long lasting post-workout experience.


Boot camp can either be a kickstart for fitness, or a valued experience to bed in your own athleticism and make it last a lifetime. While the experience ends outside of the workout, your recovery does not. By using massage, stretching, and protecting mental health through meditation, you can reap the maximum benefits.


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