How Does The Type Of Electric Bike Motor Influence Your Fitness Outcomes?


Electric bikes, commonly known as e-bikes, have become a common way of commuting, while keeping riders fit. Such bikes have pedal assistance features, such that the rider uses minimal energy to pedal, meaning you can travel long distances in a short time and use less energy than other regular bikes.

E-bikes come in different types and have a diverse range of features. The pedal assistance can also be set to offer maximum or minimal support, depending on how fast you want to go and the level of exercise you want to achieve. The difference between e-bikes is the result of the motor being used. When you browse this site and other similar ones, you’ll know that such bikes are built with either of the two motors:

  • Hub drive motors; and
  • Mid-drive motors.

The type of electric bike motor you have will influence your fitness outcome in the following ways:

1. It Determines The Type Of Terrain

The type of motor greatly influences the terrain you are going to ride your bike on. For example:

  • The hub motor is used for riding on city roads, parks, and other smooth terrains; and
  • The mid-drive motor is best for off-road challenges and people looking for ultra-performance.

The kind of terrain that you ride on also determines your fitness outcomes as it dictates what kind of challenge you face and for how long you can train.

Using a hub motor e-bike means that you can cycle for a longer period because it is powerful and offers more assistance for smooth road rides. Typically, you will burn fewer calories at a time as you do not do most of the pedalling. However, you will be able to cycle for longer distances and at a higher speed, which can still help you achieve your fitness target.

On the other hand, if you are riding off-road using a mid-drive motor, you may only be able to ride for a short time because you will need to pedal more and harder, almost like using regular bikes. But, even with a short workout time, you are likely to burn more calories in that brief period (due to the higher intensity of the activity).

2. It Determines The Level Of Assistance

When looking for e-bikes’, in regard to fitness levels, it is always crucial to consider the level of assistance you will get when pedalling – more assistance in pedalling means less working out and, in turn, less influence on your fitness outcome. When using mid-drive motors, you will get more torque on your bike. However, the amount of exercise you get is determined by how much effort you put in pedalling. This means you may need to put more effort into getting more help, which translates to more exercise.

On the other hand, hub motors are designed to offer assistance regardless of the effort you put into the pedalling. This means that there will be less influence on your fitness outcome. However, you should also note that when using the hub motor e-bike on hilly terrains, you may not get a high level of assistance, which could translate to using more energy pedalling and, thus, more exercise.

You should also note that the position of the hub motor will determine the level of assistance you will get. A rear hub motor applies its force directly to the mechanism that helps pedal a bike. The bike can measure the power with each stroke and become more responsive, hence, offering more assistance. However, the front hub helps pull you forward depending on how it is being pushed forward by the rear wheel. While it can sense and respond correctly, it is common to get from hub motors that standard assistance.

3. Determine Your Recovery Time

Recovery is an important part of any workout, and it determines how much you can work out the next day or what level of challenges you can take at a time. For example, after cycling across a mountainous region, you may need more recovery time to avoid getting muscle cramps or tears. Therefore, using a motor that offers higher assistance will help you put less strain on your joints and muscles. This will ensure that you can put less effort into cycling, but still manage to move from one place to another.

For example, if you train your leg muscles in the gym, the rear hub motor can still help you get to your workplace the next morning without too much effort. This recovery will help you do more exercises and achieve your fitness goals a little bit faster (and also reduce the risk of injury).


E-bikes have changed the way people commute. They give more pedal assistance, and you can travel longer distances than on regular bikes. Moreover, an e-bike can also help you train as you discover new terrains, cycle for longer, and experience better and faster recovery. However, the level of support you get is dependent on the motor you choose, as discussed in this article.


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