New Guidance on Pregnancy & Physical Training in the British Army

Pregnant Servicewomen and new mums are to be given more guidance on taking part in physical training safely.

The policy, which is also aimed at commanders and physical training instructors (PTIs), gives advice on moderate exercise, as well as suitable reconditioning plans.

High-risk activities such as scuba diving or high-altitude training must not be done. But women who feel capable and are medically cleared to do so can continue with adventurous training and attend fitness sessions alongside their peers.

Being active during and after pregnancy is known to benefit female health but also puts them at greater risk of musculoskeletal injury, according to studies from the women in ground close combat review.

Army chiefs hope the policy will have a positive effect on retention. According to Service stats, 29% of female troops who returned to work after maternity leave between 2006 and 2016 left within the following two years.


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