Naval Training Delivery: One for a Dozen

One firm will take over more than two dozen naval training contracts from 01 April 2021.

For the next 12 years, new firm Fisher Training will be responsible for delivering a wide range of 21st Century instruction and training across the Royal Navy.

After three years’ work under the banner of Project Selborne some 26 legacy contracts were merged into a single one. Fisher – which is overseen by international defence firms Raytheon and Elbit, IT giant Fujitsu and business services company Capita – was selected ahead of other bidders to become the Navy’s new ‘strategic training partner’.

Rear Admiral Phil Hally, Director People and Training, said working side-by-side with Fisher would transform training, both for the trainers and trainees. The former will benefit from more flexible training, better fitted around people’s work and home lives. And those being instructed will notice that training is more personal, modular, exploiting the latest synthetic systems (simulators and computers) to make it more relevant and rewarding – and deliver/return men and women to front-line units more quickly, helped in part by new ideas brought in by the Fisher team.

The admiral said the transition period from old to new ways of working would demand everyone involved pulling together in the coming weeks “to build a new, collaborative partnership between the Royal Navy and industry”.

Under the new training programme, the University of Lincoln will act as the ‘academic partner’, focusing on providing the Service with better qualified and more motivated and experienced personnel.

From April, the university will support initial officer training from April and deliver courses covering as wide a range of subjects as maritime-related studies, social work and accrediting modules in music.

It builds on work-based distanced learning programmes which the university has run for several years, with curricula designed to fit around the busy schedule of military personnel.


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