WO2 to be Reintroduced to the Royal Navy

The rank of Warrant Officer 2nd Class (WO2) will re-appear in the Royal Navy (RN) from 01 April 2022 after an eight-year hiatus following confirmation of re-organising senior rates’ upper ranks.

Introduced in 2004 to RN technical branches to replace Charge Chief Petty Officer (CCPO), it was phased out ten years later.

It is being brought back to allow the rank of WO1 to be held purely by men and women in positions which perform an executive, command and leadership type function. The aim is to renew the status of WO1 as the pinnacle of the ratings structure and a post everyone should aspire to, while the returning WO2 rank will embrace all branches and specialisations in the Royal Navy.

The 2021 promotion round will be the first to select to WO2, with those selected having a Common Promotion Date (CPD) of 31 March 2022. There will be no promotion selections to WO1 in 2021; WO2 to WO1 promotion boards will recommence in 2022.

For more details see DIN 2020 01-121 and for look here for an overview and history of warrant officers in the Royal Navy and the other Services.


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