Childcare Scheme Extended to Plymouth

The Wraparound Childcare (WAC) scheme is extended to Service personnel in the Plymouth area following a pilot scheme.

WAC provides funding to eligible parent(s) with children between the ages of four to 11 years old with up to 20 hours per week of free before-and after-school childcare during term time; parent(s) can choose an OFSTED (or equivalent) registered childcare provider.

The initiative covers all three Services regulars and Full Time Reserve Service (Full Commitment) who are assigned to the Plymouth area and have a child or children of the specified ages who are attending school or being home schooled at the start of the spring term.

Those whose Assignment Orders have a report for duty date between 01 January 2021 and 30 June 2021 may also apply.

Further details can be found in DIN 2020 01-117 and in an MOD Information Sheet.


Navy News. (2021) Childcare Scheme Comes To Plymouth. Navy News. January 2021, pp.26.


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