Treadmills vs. Outdoor Running

Physicians have, for many centuries, emphasized the need to lead a healthy lifestyle. The chances of suffering from lifestyle-related diseases are greatly reduced when you adopt a (more) healthy lifestyle. It has also been suggested that maintaining an active lifestyle also leads to a happier life – as one clears the mind of negative thoughts and energy.

Leading a healthy lifestyle means that you have to observe your physical as well as your mental health. The biggest challenge that you will face is when you want to select the best exercises that will benefit you the most. Running is one of the best exercises that has proven to be effective in leading an active lifestyle. You can either use a treadmill or decide to run outdoors.

Using a Treadmill

Modern treadmills are made to mimic the usual roads that people run on. Technology has been improving every year, and now you can even set the ‘environment’ to run on at the comfort of your home gym. These tools also come with controls that allow you to decide on the pace, just like running. The following are some of the benefits of using a treadmill:

Easy to Track Progress

You must have some goals if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your physician can recommend that you cover 3 kilometres every day to keep a check on your weight, fro example. Most of the modern treadmills have digital monitors that allow you to keep track of crucial data during your workout sessions. For example, you can determine the number of calories that you have burned, distance, speed, time spent, and your heart rate. The treadmill will also store your data to make it easy to reference and know the areas that you need to improve on.

It is Convenient

Are there days that you to have a jog, but weather is too poor to venture out. Think about the sunny days as well the rainy days when the weather is cold. You are forced to postpone your jogs simply because the weather is not favourable. You thus fail to be consistent, which slows your progress towards attaining your dreams. As a piece of indoor equipment, a treadmill allows you to exercise irrespective of the weather. Also, you do not have to worry about the area’s, or your own personal, security – as you do not leave the safety of your home. The biggest challenge is acquiring your own treadmill as they can be expensive (as an upfront cost). The good news is that there are thousands of treadmills for hire that you can try today.

They are Easy to Use

You may have heard many people talk about injuries that they get in the gym, with many of these accidents due to improper use of gym equipment. A treadmill is one of the easiest exercise tools to use which reduces the risk of accidents. Its surface is flat and predictable, unlike an outdoor running space that can potentially expose you to numerous dangers. Further, you do not have to worry about your appearance when you are on the treadmill (you can look as scruffy and sweaty as you want, LOL).

Outdoor Running

If you thought outdoor running was for professional athletes only, then you are mistaken. Your body stands to benefit a lot from an early morning or evening jog in your neighbourhood. The choice of jogging time will depend on your schedule, as well as type of work that you do. You can decide to do it alone, get a running partner, or join a running club to avoid boredom. Count yourself lucky if you live in a country that has running or pedestrian tracks. You can also jog in a field if you live near one and have several laps every day. Let us explore the major benefits of outdoor running:

A Chance to Explore

When was the last time that you took time to explore your neighbourhood? May be you cannot even remember. Most people head to work, go shopping and then head back home. Outdoor jogging allows you to discover new things as you traverse through unfamiliar locations. You may just discover a new café or a market that you can visit later. Such an experience allows your mind to cool down as you enjoy nature as well as manmade resources. It is also an excellent chance to interact with new people.

Enjoy Vitamin D

You are missing out on the benefits of Vitamin D if you are the type of person who spends all (or most of the) day indoors. Some of the challenges you are likely to face when you do not get enough Vitamin D include fatigue, depression, and a weakened immune system. Running outdoors when the sun is shining is the perfect chance to get some vitamin D.

It is Cheap

The beauty of running is that all you need are running shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt (as a minimum), and you are ready to hit the road. You just need to identify a safe route where you can jog and enjoy what nature has to offer. Such an approach also prepares you for competitions and other outdoor activities. For instance, your lungs open up which is beneficial if you want to try other activities such as football and soccer. It even gets better if you use a marked route as you can know the distance you have covered.


The debate concerning indoor and outdoor training will always be there. The convenience of training on a treadmill is one of the biggest attractions for people who want to control their actions. Ensure that you take care of your mental health irrespective of the training approach that utilise.


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