Veterans & Employer Ignorance

Nearly one fifth of UK organisations are unlikely to consider
hiring veterans due to negative perceptions of their time spent in the military, according to a study by the Forces in Mind Trust.

The most common reason given was a worry that this cohort would not have the relevant skills or experience.

“Employers must ensure these unhelpful perceptions are addressed in their recruitment processes,” said Chief Executive Ray Lock.


  • According to a 2019 survey, while 71% of surveyed UK organisations are likely to consider hiring ex-Service personnel, 18% said they were unlikely to consider hiring ex-Service personnel.
  • This is linked to employers’ views:
    • That ex-Service personnel do not have the relevant skills or experience (44%);
    • That they may not fit the culture of the workplace (19%);
    • That their skills from active duty may not translate into a business environment (18%); or
    • That they may have different levels of education to those expected of civilian workers (11%).
  • While the UK public have a broadly positive view of both ex-Service personnel and the Armed Forces, there remains a perception among 64% of the public that ex-Service personnel suffer more from mental, physical or emotional issues than the average person.

You can find the report “Changing Our Approach to Veterans’ Employment” @


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