Answering Questions on the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) Pilot in Aldershot

Will FAM cost me more?

Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer: It has been designed so renting costs are broadly the same as for Service family accommodation (SFA). The FAM rental payment increases to cover the cost of living in expensive areas. You can get further information @

Is FAM just for Families?

Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer: It supports everyone, whether they are single, married, in a civil partnership, or a long-term relationship.

Can you Rent from a Relative?

Short Answer: Yes.

Longer Answer: As long as you have a formal tenancy agreement, yes. However, because the pilot is about testing the local rental market, you are not allowed to rent from immediate family if they live in the property – for example, you can not rent from your wife.

I am Divorced and Share Child Custody so how will FAM Support Me?

If your children are in full-time education and you have custody of them for more than 80 nights of the year then they will count as dependants, whether they are your biological children or step children.

You will need to register them on JPA before submitting your housing choice.

This means that the size of property you are eligible for (whether SFA or privately rented) is larger to meet this need.

I Want to Buy a Home but I am not sure When – So How Will this Work?

If your move to Aldershot does not fit with your plans to buy a home, you can use one of the other options until you are ready.

Then, take the paperwork for your new home to your human resources team.

Those buying will receive the core rental payment (£125 a month), as well as disturbance expense and movement and storage of personal effects.

First-time buyers can also claim a refund of legal expenses of up to £1,500 and make use of Forces Help to Buy.

Can Two Single (PStat 5) Personnel Rent Together and, if so,What Payments Would they Receive?

Short Answer: Yes.

Longer Answer: You can choose how you want to live so, yes, they can rent a home together – as long as they are both named on the tenancy agreement. They would both receive the £125 core payment and the geographic payment which varies according to the cost of the area and how many dependants you have.

What if I Already Own a Home?

DH: If it’s more than 50 miles from the base then you can claim the core payment and Get You Home allowance – FAM replaces the single living accommodation waiver with the core payment.

If you live closer then it is reasonable to live there and commute and you can still claim Home to Duty Travel allowance.

FAM: The Options

  • Live in SLA or SFA – usual charges apply.
  • Rent from private sector, receive core sum plus geographic payment weighted to area and number of children you have.
  • Buy a home with monthly contribution and additional help for first-time buyers.

Are you Eligible?

  • You need four years’ service;
  • Be in an eligible unit (a list is on Defence Intranet); and
  • Have a minimum 12 months left on your posting.

For more Information

Contact or go to Room 123, Floor 1, Wellington House, St. Omer Barracks, Aldershot.


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