Commitment Bonuses vs Financial Retention Incentives

Commitment bonuses are being phased out (a result of the Strategic Defence and Security Review in 2015, when the Armed Forces were around full strength), ceasing by the end of March 2021.

However, anyone who joined before 01 April 2016 will still qualify for them.

Unlike financial retention incentives (FRI), commitment bonuses have no return of service obligation.

FRI’s come with a return of service attached, which varies depending on circumstances.

For example, the Army recently spent over £1 million on an operational pinchpoint trade group within the Royal Corps of Signals with personnel receiving $15,000 for an additional four (4) years of service.

The number of people joining the Army (inflow) and those completing basic (phase 1) and employment (phase) training, as well as those leaving (prematurely) impact on the amount of FRI offered.


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