Why the Human Heart needs Exercise

Out of all the organs of the human body, nothing is more fascinating and remarkable than the human heart. It is small, just as the same size as the fist, in proportion to the human body. But as small as it is, it is also a quite formidable organ. It is powerful enough to pump blood to the entire human body, after all. It would seem that the heart is so incredible that nothing in the world could threaten the heart.

The heart, as impressive as it is, can also be very fragile. It is susceptible to many complications and diseases, for instance:

  • Pulmonary heart disease;
  • Rheumatic heart disease;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Heart rhythm disorders;
  • High blood pressure; and
  • Heart attack.

Heart Diseases

Among all of the heart diseases, high blood pressure, and heart attack (or myocardial infarction) are the most common. High blood pressure and heart attack are widespread not only among older people but also among young ones. The reason behind such indifference of the disease to age is that it can be acquired through the lifestyle of a person.

Taking care of your heart will help you live longer and healthier. This will help avoid medical and health issues that may even lead to malpractice on the part of the healthcare provider. But if you become a victim of malpractice, you may seek assistance from firms like Tinker law firm.

Dramatic Change in People’s Lifestyle and Its Impact on Their Health

During the past few decades, the lifestyle of most people has changed dramatically. This is due to the modernity of our age, where everyone has a good excuse for being lazy and the insatiable need to eat at fast-food establishments. The combination of inactivity and greasy food has caused lifestyle health problems.

If a person is overweight, the risk of acquiring high blood pressure and heart attack are significantly higher. The reason for this is because the two diseases are caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels in the coronary artery, which is due to the unstable collection of fatty acids in one or several of the arteries. The fact remains that you are the one who should be in control of your health.

Whenever cholesterol becomes too accumulated in the human body, it narrows the pathway of the arteries, which is the path of the blood in the body. When the arteries are narrow, it results in its blockage, which would then restrict blood supply and which results in the shortage of oxygen.

When those things happen, it would be the start of a heart attack. As everyone knows, a heart attack, if left untreated, would ultimately cause death or damage to the heart muscle.

How One’s Weight Can Trigger Heart Diseases

Being overweight is a tremendous burden on the heart. It causes too much trouble for the palpitation of the heart. The blood pumped by the heart does not have enough oxygen to supply an overweight body. For that reason, the heart of an overweight person must pump harder and faster than that of an average person. This would lead to the deterioration of the heart.

The thought of the heart stopping is a scary idea because it would only mean one thing, death. This idea is much more terrifying if the cause of the stop of the heart is the fact that the person is overweight. Being overweight is usually due to an issue of living a lifestyle without exercise and a compulsion towards eating unhealthy food.

Military Exercises to Fight Obesity and Heart Problems

Exercise, physical activities, and a balanced diet can all help a person take care of his heart. Military-style exercises like push-ups/press-ups, circuit-training, running, bodyweight squats, planks, and so on will help you burn the excess fat stored in your body. Aside from that, it will give you the endurance you need to pursue a higher form of exercise routines that will help you become fit and healthy.

Your lawyers may help you save your life, liberty, and property, but this time, you are the only one who can save your life. You see, the choice should be obvious. Having a healthy heart by reducing weight and being active should be the only option to enjoy life in its fullest.


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