What is a Warrior Breakfast?

Soldiers are being encouraged to start the day with healthier meals to boost them for early morning exercise.

Defence contractor Aramark has created the new menu in collaboration with HQ Regional Command.

The so-called warrior breakfast includes options such as smoothies plus yogurt and fruit – while snacks such as avocado on toast are available afterwards to help with recovery.

The meal plans were developed using specialist software to ensure they deliver the right nutritional value and contain slow-release carbohydrates and lean proteins to improve performance.

They are being trialled as part of the Army healthy living pilot, which is running at units in HQ 4 Infantry Brigade in Catterick until December. It encourages personnel to make sure they eat, sleep and exercise properly.

The aim is to cut injury rates, improve resilience and make personnel more deployable.

As part of the initiative morning meal timings have been changed at Somme and Marne Barracks to allow personnel to eat before training. Pre-PT breakfast is available from 0700-0800 – this gives personnel the opportunity to take on the carbohydrates they will need to during their sessions. The options are light so personnel can eat half an hour before they go out to do their exercise. They can then come back later for something to help with their recovery.


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