This Is How Comfortable Furniture Can Affect Your Physical Fitness

We often overlook the fact that we spend the majority of our time using furniture. Whether it is at work on a chair, during lunch on a bench, the seat in your car, lying down on your sofa, or even your bed. Furniture consumes us daily and actually plays a very crucial role in how physically fit we are. The wrong kind of chair can absolutely mess up your posture and over a long period of time, without you even noticing, you will be on the way to developing a serious back problem because you were not aware and did nothing about it.

It is time for you to really buckle up and make it your mission to invest in comfortable furniture that will do your body more good than what you have been using lately. An insightful review by Modern Digs Furniture goes deep into the process of how serious the issue is, and it is about time you pay attention. What we are going to do is enlighten you on how comfortable furniture can actually play a role in determining your physical well-being, and what you need to do to counter it.

The Illusion of Comfort

The biggest problem is that many of these chairs or sofas look incredibly comfortable and come with all kinds of promises. The truth, however, is that many of them are the reason you are experiencing pain all over your body, especially your back. It is really as simple as a matter of circulation. When you stay in one position for too long, the blood circulation is not as good as it can be. And this is something we are all guilty of when we want to sit and binge watch our favourite show for hours on end on our favourite couch, laying down in all kinds of awkward positions. It may seem comfortable at the time, but for the long term, not allowing your blood to circulate around your body the way it should will eventually take a toll on your physical health. Your muscles need constant stimulation as well to stay strong to support your body and its functions.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs were designed specifically for the person who has to sit for long hours in a work-space. The difference between ergonomic and non-ergonomic chairs is that with non-ergonomics, you have to adjust yourself to the seating of the chair, ergonomics however, can be adjusted to suit your posture and comfort. They are amazing because everything that needs to be taken care of to ensure your comfort, is an option to be adjusted. This includes the height of the seat, backrest, lumbar support, the head and neck support and you can even adjust the armrest to suit your body. This is the ultimate form of comfort because not only do you get to have it tailored to you, it also helps to keep your back in much better shape than the non-ergonomic chairs which are well known for their discomfort and awkward neck pains after sitting in them for long.

The Best Kind of Sofa

We have always been led to believe that all kinds of sofas are good. That the softer and squishier they are, the more comfortable it will be. This is not a lie, but it is not really the best thing for your body. So it is time to sell that sofa, and start looking into the more ergonomically designed sofa sets that are designed keeping your physical health in mind.

The sofa can actually be more detrimental to your health than a chair. This is because you tend to twist and turn in all kinds of awkward positions, and it’s a tight spot, add to the wrong kind of support from the overall feel of a sofa, and it is a disaster. People have been known to complain about leg, hip, and even issues with the digestive system because of the sofa combined with an incorrect way of lying down which causes the acid to flow in the wrong direction and create issues of inflammation and indigestion. Ergonomic sofas are designed to encourage you to lie down in the correct manner in the way they are shaped, and they are not as soft and flimsy as the non-ergonomic option- they are however, just as comfortable, if not more.

The Bed Matters

When you sleep, this is probably the longest you are going to stay in one position, and obviously there is not much you can do about it if you are in the wrong position because you are unconscious! If you are suffering from circulation problems, then it is definitely a good idea for you to look into an adjustable bed with a supporting mattress that is not too hard and not too soft so that the circulation is better. People with back and neck problems need to stay away from the softer mattresses and get a bed that is placed a little lower than normal so that they do not struggle with getting in and out of bed, they need to get their body’s used to lying down straight on their backs so that the issue can get better. More and more furniture manufacturers are paying attention to the overall bed design in order to cater to better health for people, because they know that we spend the most time in our beds, and this is especially important for children and the elderly.


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