What is Recruit for Spouses?

The Recruit for Spouses (RFS) coaching programme supports Army partners as they get back into employment.

The programme received a funding boost in June 2019 from the Veteran’s Foundation to help it reach more husbands and wives.

RFS is an independent social enterprise, established in 2011.

The RFS Coaching Programme is open to all military spouses to apply for, and is free to undertake. The programme forms 6 weeks of 1-hour sessions a week.

The Coaches, who volunteer their time, are carefully selected from RFS’ partners to ensure they are familiar with the environment of a military spouse looking to get back into the workplace.

To apply for a six-week course of one-hour sessions contact coaching@recruitforspouses.co.uk.

Further information on the Recruit for Spouses programme can be found @ https://www.recruitforspouses.co.uk/.


Miles, M. (2019) Funding boost for innovative Recruit for Spouses Coaching Programme. Available from World Wide Web: https://www.recruitforspouses.co.uk/funding-boost-for-innovative-recruit-for-spouses-coaching-programme/. [Accessed: 10 September, 2019].


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