What is Dynamic Force Employment (DFE)?

The most significant element of the NDS [National Defence Strategy], says Mr Shanahan, is “dynamic force employment” (DFE in mil-speak).

That refers to moving forces around the world quickly and unpredictably to bamboozle adversaries.

Last year, for instance, the USS Harry S. Truman, an aircraft-carrier that usually hangs around the Middle East, was abruptly called home midway through her deployment cycle and then suddenly sailed into the Arctic Circle – the first carrier to do so in 27 years – to join massive NATO exercises.

For a carrier, whose movements are planned years ahead, that is warp-speed.

Similar surprise deployments of bombers, fighter aircraft and surface-to-air missiles are being planned under DFE.” (The Economist, 2019, p.20).


The Economist. (2019) Bringing out the Big Guns. The Economist. 02 March 2019, pp.19-20.


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