What Is The Best Way to Prepare For Basic Training?

Serving in the military is both an honour and a responsibility. You need to meet a certain set of standards before you are granted this privilege. You are going to be moulded into a fighter, after all. And, it is no secret that military training is tough. But before you even think about basic military training, you need to think about the screening process, which is meant to filter out those who are unfit for duty from those who meet military standards.

So, if you want to serve, you need to prepare to serve. You do not simply become fit enough for the military overnight. It is going to take months, even years of preparation depending on your current fitness level. If you are completely sure about attempting to enlist, these are some of four ways to help you prepare:

1. Know What You are Training For

Athletes all know exactly what they are training for and they try to base their training programmes on what they need in order to successfully perform the tasks that are required of them. Runners put a heavy focus on leg strength and endurance, while powerlifters put a lot of emphasis on muscle strength. You need to know what type of physical tests you are going to undergo and you need to build towards that goal.

2. Consult a Professional Trainer

When you have a clear idea of what you need to develop, consider working with a professional trainer to help you come up with a training regimen that works toward that effect. The primary importance of doing this is that they have a better grasp of what workouts are best suited for your fitness level and your goals. They are also able to gauge your limits well.

They also allow you to push your limits and they also have cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) training from programmes like Newcastle Training to help them handle any emergencies that may arise. It is always better to have someone watch your back during training after all.

3. Maintain a Healthy Balanced Diet

This goes hand-in-hand with physical training and is just as vital, if not more. A healthy balanced diet allows your body to rebuild itself after training and it also helps facilitate muscle hypertrophy.

Remember to keep yourself well hydrated. If your personal trainer also happens to be a certified nutritionist, then you are in luck as they can also prepare a diet plan for you.

4. Consider Enlisting Via The Delayed Entry Programme

This gives enlistees a time period between enlisting and entry. This gives you time to improve the areas you are lacking in. Use this period to ask your recruiter for any workout tips to help you maintain your fitness level or improve it, just in time, for the entry period.

While a lot of these tips may not come as a surprise to you, sometimes the solutions to problems are really simple. You do not need any special solution or a hidden technique to help you pass military fitness screening.

Sometimes, all you really need is a reminder and a basic guide on what steps to take in order to make the necessary preparations. The rest is going to be good old-fashioned hard work and grit.


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