Just Completed the Mental Health Awareness for Sport & Physical Activity Course

Course Title

Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity.

Outline of the Course

A mental health awareness online learning programme with four learning modules:

  • Module 01: Understanding Mental Health.
  • Module 02: The Impact of Sport and Physical Activity on Mental Health.
  • Module 03: Barriers and Solutions.
  • Module 04: Talking about Mental Health.

The programme aims to increase your awareness of mental health and provides you with a toolkit to:

  • Build resilience;
  • Enable and support mental health recovery; and
  • Tackle stigma and discrimination.

Who is it For?

The course is aimed at everyone working or volunteering in the sport and physical activity sector including:

  • Activators;
  • Coaches;
  • Leisure staff;
  • Sports administrators;
  • Front of house staff; and
  • Volunteers.

What do you Learn?

You will ‘learn by doing’ by engaging in a variety of learning activities, quizzes and making decisions in real-life online scenarios and seeing the consequences of those decisions.

How long does it Take?

This course is self-paced and lasts approximately 2-3 hours.

How Much does it Cost?

It currently costs £15 (£18 with VAT).

Where can I find the course?

You can learn about the course here (on the MIND website), although the actual training is provided by Coaching UK.


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