9 Quick Tips on Writing a Great Gym Flyer

Flyers and posters can be a great way to reach wide audiences in a short span of time for special challenges or ‘open days’.

However, as the traditional letter box flyer approach converts as low as 1-3%, it is important not to waste resources (i.e. time and money). This is when professional paper writers can help you out. Just like you order essay from professional academic writing services, you can find a custom writing service to write and edit flyers.

1. Make It Eye Catching

  • Flyers are glanced at, not read.
  • You literally have a second to catch the reader’s interest before they make the decision to either read it or throw it away.
  • Use bright colours with a simple eye-catching design.
  • Your aim is not to wow them with the brilliance of the graphics, but to draw them to your message – that’s it!
  • Limit what you say.
  • The message should be delivered in short, clear statements – not long paragraphs of descriptive text.
An early flyer from 2013!

2. Think Hard About The Headline

  • The headline is the most important element in any flyer.
  • The Marketing Law of 80/20 states that, on average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.
  • This means that 80% of your time and focus when writing an ad should focus on the headline.
  • An effective headline tells the reader, “Hey, this message is for you!”

3. Bullet Point Benefits, Not Features

  • Bullet points are critical to your overall marketing and sales campaign.
  • Get them right, and you give yourself the best opportunity of getting prospects to take action.
  • What is in it for me?
  • People always want to know what is in it for them, so you need to write your flyers from the reader’s perspective.
  • You need to tell them about the benefits you will bring to their lives, not just list the features of the particular product or service.
  • Benefits can be written as your key bullet points.

4. Use Targeted Images

  • Images or photos are great attention grabbers, but they must not overwhelm the message you are trying to get across.
  • You want to motivate the readers to take action, not just give them something nice to look at.
  • If your target market were women over forty, for example, you would choose a lady aged about 35.
  • Your image must depict your specific niche.
  • Note – Images of fat hairy bellies are not motivating!

5. Have A Cracker Offer

  • All marketing material must have a strong, interesting and appealing offer.
  • If it does not, do not bother wasting your money!
  • Other than your headline, your offer needs to be the next main feature of your page design.
  • You need to motivate your readers to take action, and the best way to do this is make them feel that you are giving them something of great value.
  • When writing marketing copy always be sure to answer for the reader “What is in it for me?”

6. Add Scarcity

  • Opportunities to purchase products or services are always more valuable and exciting to the consumer when they are scarce and less available.
  • The threat of loss creates urgency in the decision making process, so be sure to include an expiry date and limited number of people.

7. Make The First Step Easy

  • Make the first step as simple as possible for the reader, for example:
    • Your Next Step is to Simply Call This Number XXX XXX XXX; or
    • Email me Personally on Name@BusinessName.com (mailto:Name@BusinessName.com).
  • Do not assume that the reader will know what to do next.
  • Tell them exactly what action you want them to take.

8. Proof Read and Print

  • Carefully proof read every word on the flyer and fix any spelling or incorrect grammar before you send it out or pay to get it printed.
  • It is useful to get a second person to look over it.
  • Additionally, triple-check you put in the correct contact details like your phone number and email address.

9. Next Step

Once you have designed you gym flyer it is important to then also get it into local businesses and share across email, social media, and your website for maximum results.


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