Outline of the Regional Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) Cosford

The Regional Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) Cosford is a facility provided by the Defence Primary Healthcare (DPHC) Unit delivering intermediate rehabilitation within the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Programme (DMRP).

It is located at Royal Air Force (RAF) Cosford, near Wolverhampton in the West Midlands and provides clinical management of moderate musculoskeletal conditions to the military population within a defined geographical area.

There are 14 RRUs across the United Kingdom.

Access to the service is through referral from other services in the DMRP and patients receive an initial joint assessment by a doctor (a specialist GP trained in sports and exercise medicine) and a clinical specialist physiotherapist, in the Multidisciplinary Injury Assessment Clinic (MIAC) located at the RRU.

Patients can access one to one treatment and rehabilitation courses to treat their condition.

Courses run for three weeks and are condition specific; patients are expected to attend for the duration of the course and can live on site or off-site locally. During courses, patients can access one to one treatment at the same time.

The RRU is staffed by a service lead, a clinical physiotherapy lead, physiotherapists, doctors, exercise rehabilitation instructors (ERIs), podiatrist, and administrators.

Facilities include two treatment rooms, a gym and cardiovascular training area, and access to the RAF swimming pool on site.


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