What is the Number of Service Personnel not Eligible for the Career Transition Partnership (2009-2013)?

The number of Service personnel who left the British Armed Forces between 2009 and 2013 who did not meet the eligibility criteria for enrolling on the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) programme is outlined below.

Financial YearUK Service LeaversNot Eligible


  • Figures include UK Regular Forces, including trained and untrained personnel.
  • The figures also include the Gurkhas but not full-tmime Reserve personnel or mobilised reservists.
  • In accordance with MOD policy on statistics, the above figures have been rounded.
  • Personnel who have at least four years service are eligible to use CTP resettlement services.
  • Personnel who are medically discharged, or who have left on redundancy, are eligible to use CTP resettlement services regardless of their length of service.
  • Personnel who leave on disciplinary terms are not eligible to use CTP resettlement services irrespective of their length of service.
  • Although personnel with less than four years service are not entitled to use CTP resettlement services, since October 2013 they have been entitled to Contractual transition support. This improvement provides them with:
    • Financial support;
    • Housing support;
    • Employment support; and
    • Linking them to a JobCentre Plus.


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