3 Things To Do On Your Rest Day From Boot Camp

A boot camp can mean different things: a fitness boot camp, a reformation boot camp, or a military boot camp. However, regardless of these variations, boot camps are very popular for one thing: rigorous physical training. These boot camps are places where physical exertion is inevitable, to be expected, and enjoyed!

Boot Camp

To avoid injuring yourself, a rejuvenating day off maybe all you need. In this article, we have listed a few quick suggestions on what you can do during your rest day from boot camp. Make it all about relaxation and restoration. Continue reading below to learn more about how you can wind down and recharge!

1. Treat Your Hands And Feet

The rigorous training in boot camp takes a toll on your body, especially on your hands and feet. Because of the extensive training at the boot camp, you may develop conditions such as calluses or nail fungus on your hands and feet.

Calluses can appear because of the constant friction on the skin. Meanwhile, nail fungus can develop, or worsens, when exposed to a sweaty and restrictive atmosphere like that of the insides of shoes or gloves.

To address calluses, consider getting a hand and foot spa treatment. Spa treatments can help remove the dead skin cells and accumulated calluses on the hands as well as on the feet. They help soften up the rough patches on the skin. Plus, spa treatments feel very relaxing too!

Rejuvenate and treat your nails by getting a manicure and a pedicure. Your hand and toenails need love too! However, if you have existing conditions like nail fungus, address this problem first before getting your nails done.

Luckily, there are many ways to combat this problem. You can try oral treatments, topical treatments and laser treatments. Oral treatments usually take approximately 9-12 months (the amount of time it takes for a nail to grow out completely) in order to fully see their effectiveness.

You may also try topical treatments and home remedies for toenail fungus. But if you are feeling a little fancy, you may even try laser treatments for nail fungus. There are various laser devices that use photodynamics to address these problem areas.

2. Schedule A Visit To Your Local Massage Therapist

Because of the heavy weights and back-breaking training routines during boot camp, your body may have been traumatised by a sudden change of pace. You may also feel very tense and tired simply because it is the body’s natural reaction to being exposed to doing austere drills and training.

Pacify your body pains and go visit your favourite massage therapist. A massage after a long week (or month, depending on the boot camp length) would be a great refresher. Let your massage specialist knead the muscle pains away and relax for a bit. Add on some aromatherapy treatments for a full mind-body chill-out session.

3. Go On A Nature Trip

There is nothing like the refreshing breeze of the wind, the calming sight of the trees and the sweet melody of nature. Relax and take a mindful walk in a park, through a forest or by the sea. You can even add in some yoga moves and meditation to fully experience being one with nature.

After a session of hard physical training, surrounding yourself with nature is a great way to unwind and reconnect to the world around you. You can also pack a healthy lunch with you and go on a fun picnic with your family and friends (or just you!).

Taking care of your health should be holistic and at the same time, consistent. Maintain your boot camp diet and see the world of difference a lifestyle change can make to your overall well-being.


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