7 Tips in Finding the Best Heavy Duty Exercise Bikes For You

Are you looking for some tips to find the best heavy duty exercise bikes? If so, you are reading the right article.

In this article, we are going to give you 7 tips that will help you choose the right heavy duty exercise bike, such as these indoor cycling bikes, for exciting exercise sessions.

1. Check the Size

Size is of great importance when it comes to choosing your exercise bike. This is mainly because you have to consider the kind of space you have and buy a bike that will fit into your space in a great way. You can not buy a large bike yet have a small space in which to site it. The right size will also come in handy when moving the bike around, as it will not require a lot of heavy work.

2. Technology Advances

How advanced do you need your exercise bike to be? This is a question you need to be asking yourself. Before buying the bike, you need to know your goals, think of:

  • How often you will be using the bike, and
  • How hard you are willing to push yourself.

You also have to ensure you do not overestimate on your abilities when it comes to exercising. Therefore, having an estimation on your usage of the machine will greatly help you in choosing the right exercise bike that will match your goals.

3. Check on Features

When it comes to choosing the right heavy duty exercise bike, you clearly need to check on the features and ensure they are what you will need. You will want to check:

  • The resistance levels;
  • Seat comfort; and
  • Adjustable seat.

Since you may be spending a fair amount of time on the exercise bike, it is important to consider these features.

No matter your budget, or even if you are willing to spend a lot of money on buying an exercise bike, features play a great role in helping you through the process. Read more about the features of a heavy-duty exercise bike here.

4. Check on the Weight of the Bike

Having a stable exercise platform is also very important because the last thing you want is to injure yourself while exercising! For this reason it is important to check on the weight of the exercise bike you want to buy. Note that the heavier the weight of the exercise bike, the more stable it will be. Another good thing about heavy bikes is that they have transport wheels included, meaning that it is not that hard moving them around.

5. Check on Noise

Although when it comes to noise, it is not an issue that everyone is bothered with, paying attention to the way the exercise bike has been built is really important. Bikes that have fans are much noisier due to the air resistance, the harder you pedal the breeze is stronger and the more noise they will make. Therefore, you need to check on this factor especially if you are the type of person who likes listening to music while working out. Whereas others will not mind the noise if the bike is performing as required.

6. Consider Safety of the Exercise Bike

Safety is of great importance, especially if you have small kids. You need to confirm the way the bike has been built. Research shows that many kids are injured as a result of using exercise bikes. Therefore, in order to avoid this, you need to check on the mechanics of the bike like the flywheel and chain to see if they are well covered. Regular maintenance, for example checking screws on chain guards, is also important.

7. Check on Accessories

When considering buying an exercise bike it is also a good thing to check on the optional accessories that might come in handy when you are working out. There are bikes that have built-in fans that not only help in providing air resistance, but also help you cool off while you exercise. Another accessory you can consider is a bike that has a water bottle (or holder). This type of bike will greatly help you perform continuous exercise (you will not have to interrupt your workouts when you need to drink some water). This is important for your re-hydration as you exercise hard to the point of getting dehydrated.


Exercise bikes have been in the market for decades because they represent a great alternative and easily accessible alternative to the gym – and perhaps an easier way of losing weight. Riding an exercise bike is also fun and can engage various people in a family or even friends. It is important to consider the above tips when one is planning to purchase a heavy-duty exercise bike. When one is well informed as regards to their personal tastes and preferences, then they are going to purchase a bike that they will love and it will also be an effective exercise tool that can be used time after time.


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