Rules of Saluting in the UK Armed Forces

Who Do You Have To Salute?

Saluting is a form of paying a compliment and, apart from the requirement to salute the individuals and the occasions mentioned in Queen’s Regulations’ and ceremonial publications for the single Services, it is rarely wrong for an individual to salute another individual.

In a number of establishments it is customary for officers to salute brother officer’s wives.

What is the Formal Guidance for Saluting?

Guidance for the single Services is contained within:

  • Queen’s Regulations’ for the army, navy, and air force;
  • Ceremonial publications; and
  • Repeated in drill manuals.

Do You Have To Salute Member’s of Her Majesty’s Government?

While there is no stated requirement to salute a member of Her Majesty’s Government, it is customary to do so in appropriate circumstances.


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