What is REDCAP?

Police forces of the UK Armed Forces, known as Service Police Forces, include the:

  • Royal Military Police (RMP) of the British Army;
  • Royal Air Force Police (RAFP);
  • Royal Marines (RM) Police; and
  • Royal Navy Police (RNP).

REDCAP is the Tri-Service criminal records database utilised by the Service police forces to record the details of all crime reported to them.

Data from REDCAP is used in support of:

  • Service police investigations;
  • CRB/ISA disclosure;
  • Police vetting;
  • Immigration certificates; and
  • FOI requests concerning crime statistics.

The primary role of REDCAP is to record investigative information, and it was not designed to produce statistical data per se.

As of December 2013, REDCAP was on version 2.


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