How Your Chiropractor Can Help You With Your Sports Injury?

For those that love to work hard and play harder, it is inevitable that you may injure yourself at some point in time. From sore muscles to chronic pain injuries, tough-as-nails military style workouts can come with aches and pains. When you suspect that your pain is from more than just pushing too far during your workouts, it could be time to see a professional to help you get back in shape fast.

The focus of the chiropractic industry is to promote health and alignment in the entire body, not just the spine. Your body’s systems can only run at maximum efficiency when they are working together in harmony. When you are training with a military-level fitness routine you want to be able to push your body to the limits every time.

You may be surprised to learn about the various conditions helped by chiropractic care. The chronic pain from Fibromyalgia to migraines, and even allergies, can all be helped with regular visits to your chiropractor along with the more traditional sports injuries.

Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow

Only about 3% of people who end up with either Golfer’s or Tennis elbow do not sustain their injury from playing either sport. The names are more associated with the motion that causes the injury rather than the sport itself. The pain that you are feeling from these Cumulative Trauma Disorders can be located on either side of the elbow.

This type of injury affects the connective tissues of the elbow and can be very painful. With active release muscle therapy and deep tissue therapy, you will see a real difference in your range of movement and levels of inflammation.

Lower Back Pain

When you work out using a military-style fitness routine regularly, some of those sessions can get pretty intense. It is easy to miss a beat and end up having pain in your lower back. It is never a good idea to let any kind of back-related pain go untreated for more than a day or two. When treated in time, a lower back injury is less likely to ‘spread’ to other areas.

When a part of your back is hurt, your body will automatically compensate for the loss and start to strain other muscle areas. With a regimen of chiropractic care such as manual manipulation and realignment, physical therapy, massage and deep tissue laser therapy, your injury can easily be a thing of the past.


As one of the most common sports and workout related injuries, tendinopathy can include symptoms like warmth and redness of the injured area, aching, pain with motion and mild swelling. Once it is diagnosed as the main issue, tendinopathy can be treated effectively with a proper medical and chiropractic therapy.

The most important part of the healing process is to brace and protect the injured area while it is healing. There should be limited movement of the area while you are recovering. Along with joint manipulation, many recovery treatments also include TENS stimulation and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. Keeping the area as still as possible, using ice therapy and devoting time to proper chiropractic care can get you up and running in no time.


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